Die meisten unserer Kunden benötigen 10 bis 500 Einheiten pro Jahr und lassen sich oft nach der Musterserie Modifikationen der Standardbaugruppen liefern, häufig auch kundenspezifisch optimierte Baugruppen.

Wir gehen seit über 30 Jahren sehr flexibel auf solche Kundenwünsche ein - Sie finden bei uns daher auch keine Hotline, sondern feste Ansprechpartner!

At this point we would like to show the applications of some of our customers:

Müller Tankanlagen from Hamburg, Germany.

Here TSM is used in an ink supply unit for magazine printing machines. This unit was developed by Müller Tankanlagen from Hamburg for a machine with 8 printing units. One TSM at each printing unit; all connected to the control station with RS485.

TiTech VisionSort GmbH from Koblenz, Germany (TSM und DinX)

TiTech VisionSort GmbH has developed a system using near infrared (NIR) detection to sort garbage for recycling. The NIR camera delivers its pictures to a PC serving as evaluation unit which detects the position of materials that are to be sorted out. TSM is used to switch magnetic valves that release compressed air and blow the plastic objects from the conveyor belt. Less time critical function in this system are controlled by DinX.

Bran + Luebbe from Norderstedt, Germany (NET/900H)

The motherboard of this analysis automat from Bran + Luebbe, Norderstedt is equipped with high precision ADCs, special analog ICs and device specific power drivers. A NET/900H module is also on that board.

Connection to the PC is realized with Bitbus or RS232. The time critical programming is made possible with the mCAT realtime core.

ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme from Bremen, Germany (NET/900)

For use in a small hand terminal the motherboard has to be adapted to the case shape. This unit for ANDRAS Steuerungssysteme in Bremenhas integrated voltage supply for LCD, a socket for the LCD-graphics-controller and a floppy controller.

ANDRIVE from Bremen, Germany (Custom Application)

A very impressive application of the DMCUs of ANDRIVE is the submarine cable winding machine. More than 200 Bitbus connected IP65 drive units coordinately move 102 1,2t coils, so that only very little force pulls at the cable while the 2 layer steel wire cable armor (5mm) is put onto the cable. The central control unit is a TSM-CPU.