Embedded control

ELZET80´s concept for application specific computers, for example to be used in measuring or analyzer equipment, compact machines or distributed control nodes, is based upon high density standardized processor modules and custom base boards that contain elements like power supply, connectors, I/O drivers, relays, optocouplers etc.


Universal Ethernet Controller based on Kinetis K60 ARM Cortex M4

The universal base for your contemporary Ethernet/USB projects: kBed - ARM® Cortex M4 processor module with Kinetis K60 100MHz and optional FPGA. 512K RAM and 1MByte Flash with uTasker real time kernel and Ethernet boot loader.


Compact Ethernet-ARM7-module with 2MB Flash and 1MB buffered RAM RS485 and RS232 ports, keyboard and LCD connectors. High flexibility using the mCAT real time kernel.


1M/512K mini-module; TMP95C063 16-bit microcontroller from the TLCS900H-family, 25MHz, with versatile integrated peripheral.


1M/512K processor-module; big brother of NET-900H.


Standard base board for the above processor modules; Minimal test environment for NET/900 (H).