LCD Term 20

LCD Term 20

LCDTERM20 is the choice for all applications requiring extra features.

Displays with 4 lines of 20 characters are very common but have other character positions than the other displays. LCDTERM20 fits these displays in size and mounting holes.

  • High power nonstandard version of LCDTERM
  • Use LCDTERM20 instead of standard LCDTERM for:
    4x20 displays.
  • Large displays requiring high backlight drive current.
  • Large or extended temperature modules
    requiring high negative contrast voltages.
  • Non-RS232 levels
  • 4 x 20 LCD module driver software and form factor: 60x98 mm.
  • Software for other modules available optionally.
    900mA @ 5V backlight supply, switchable.
  • Contrast voltage generation -15 to +5V (for large modules).
  • RS232 standard serial line, optional module socket for level shifter modules: 20mA TTY, RS422, fiber optic.
  • Other features like LCDTERM
  • Prices
  • Details
"RS232 terminal electronic for alphanumerical LCD-modules and keyboard encoderfor 4x20-displays "

101.24 € *


RS232 terminal electronic for alphanumerical LCD-modules and keyboard encoderfor 4x20-displays

101.24 € *


Module socket version for 4x20 displays

5.11 € *


Option software for other displays (1x16..2x40)

10.23 € *


Assembly of separately bought LCD-module to LCDTERM20 plus 30cm keyboard flat cable.

* all prices in EUR ex works (+VAT/MwSt inside Germany)

There are many other applications where special features are needed: extended temperature displays (-10 to +60 °C) often need -5V to +5V contrast voltage while large displays need up to -15V. Also large 12mm character size 4x20 modules need up to 800mA of backlight current where LCD-TERM20 is the choice.

RS232 is very common, however, for extended lengths of cable 20mA or RS422 are better suited. There's an LCDTERM20 version with a module socket that seats level shifter modules for these line types. CTS handshake is not supported on these modules. See LCDTERM for standard features.

Technical data:

Size: 60x98mm, Current consumption with 24V input 15mA, with direct 5V input 55mA. Connectors needed: D9F, 16p header LCD, 20p header keyboard.