Software / Driver

Windows® and Linux driver software and service tools for BITBUS

Windows® WDM driver

WDM driver for all recent Windows® operating systems. Event driven message exchange with up to 16 application programs. Comes with DLL to access the BAPI (BITBUS API) and test program in C, C# and VB source.


Linux BITBUS driver for kernel 2.4 and 2.6 (Suse 10.1) with BAPI library. Source code at no charge for hardware customers - paid support only.


BAPImon - our service and administration tool for BITBUS. Allows on-the fly message construction and exchange.


Uniform access to arbitrary process data on BITBUS from all Windows® programs. Requires ELZET80 slaves or custom programming.

Windows® NT driver

We care for customers who need to work on legacy operating systems. Our BEUG standard BAPI driver for Windows®NT is still available. Sorry, we don't support DOS anymore (unless forced to...)