Sometimes the easiest way to send data is to write an e-mail. It is convenient to store them, transfer them etc. Ethernode can easily send e-mails to every SMTP server, no matter if it is your own or the one of your provider.

  • ethernode®sends you an e-mail if for example:
    • a door is opened (input change)
    • it gets too hot in the server room (threshold of temperature sensor)
    • the Log of the serial interface detects a particular sign or that 66 lines are full
    • work is over (time dependent)
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On request you get the e-mail task for free to dowload as a SHX file.

You fill in the following structure and send it typical for mCAT with MsgSendRequest to the mailserver task.

typedef struct {
	MSG msg;
	UINT8* mailerror; 
	char* mailserver; 
	char* username;
	char* password;
	char* sender; 
	char* recipient; 
	char* subject; 
	char* message;
} MSGmail;

If you need a smaller application for e-mail transfer, we can program one for you as well.