TSM-4DA16 generates analog control voltages for four stepless actuators. It is mostly used to control servo amplifiers. The bipolar output supports 4x quadrature mode.

  • 4 analog outputs ±10 or 0...10V, 16 Bit
  • 4 fast DACs, resolution: 305,2µV (at -10V...+10V), 152,6µV (at 0...10V), at 14 Bit monotonicity
  • 15µs settling time for 20V step
  • Internal generation of ±15V subsidiary voltage from 24V supply
  • Watchdog sets output to 0 if not retriggered every 50ms
  • Outputs on ground after RESET, when supply voltage missing or watchdog
  • 4 relay outputs for “controller ready” signal, separately switchable
  • Monitoring of 24V from software or with green LED
  • Two 10 pin connector rows for pluggable screw terminals
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"TSM Module with 4 analog outputs "

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"Mating screw terminal plug set"

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Mating screw terminal plug se

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At reset the corresponding relays are turned off, the “controller ready” signal is deactivated and the output level is switched to ground. This also happens if none of the four channels is retriggered within 50 ms or the watchdog is active (orange LED). mCat will do the retriggering automatically in the background. The relays can be switched separately.

The module monitors the internally generated subsidiary voltage that is fed from the 24 V supply voltage (green LED (24V)).

Technical data:

  • Module ID: 22H
  • Size: 93x126mm, 26p TSM-bus
  • Current consumption: 90 mA at 6,3V and 100 mA at 24V
  • Connectors needed: 2x MVSTBR 2,5-10/ST-5,08


Installation manual TSM-4DA16