Power-over-Ethernet is an extension to the IEEE802 standard opening the possibility to power remote nodes using the standard CAT5 data cable. Special network switches or midspan injectors provide 48V to the network. For safety reasons, a sophisticated protocol between the power source (PSE) and the powered device (PD) assures that only valid PoE PDs get their 48V. Instead of the data lines (powered as shown), the 4 extra wires of a CAT5 cable may be used for supply.

  • Supplies 48V at 12,95W per unit over the Ethernet cable
  • No constraints on standard CAT5 line length of 100m
  • No adverse effects on non-PoE-devices, compatible with Gigabit Ethernet
  • "Negotiation" phase before powering a ceratin line
  • Affordable standard switches due to use in VoIP
  • Phones and WLAN access points.
  • Ideally suited for remote sensors without mains access, typically for outdoor use or locations like cellar, shed, or attic.
  • ELZET80's power supply offers additional 24V@200mA for local switches or mini-valves
  • ELZET80's power supply automatically isolates ports and e.g. analog inputs


What is PoE? How works PoE?


PD-power supply with 5V/800mA and 24V/200mA.