Got to make your device Ethernet-ready? ELZET80's processor modules take you there. Need to connect your cellar or garage to the IT world? Our compact controllers in a NEMA4 surface box reach out - optionally even network powered (PoE). Public announcements over your existing Ethernet? eSPEAK® does it in MP3 quality without a central amplifier.

Little PLC helpers

A small PLC might be perfect for your application - except for that special missing input. Before investing in an oversize PLC consider our special add-ons for your task. MOTPROTECT guards your motor and PT100MUX8 makes every analog input an RTD temperature input. Or let us forge your special integration requirement into a tiny piece of hardware.

Made to order

Based on 30+ years experience in industrial electronics we are able to deliver a special product for your special task in time and at the right price. This could be anything from a custom fit base board for our processor modules - starting in quantities as low as 20 - to an entirely custome made device with analog technology, FPGA and DSP.

We have been using green electricity for over 20 years!