ELZET80 will be taking a company vacation from 18.07.2022 to 29.07.2022 inclusive.
We ask for your understanding that no deliveries are made during the company holidays.
We wish you and us nice, warm summer days and look forward to hearing you from 01.08.2022.


Got to make your device Ethernet-ready? ELZET80's processor modules take you there. Need to connect your cellar or garage to the IT world? Our compact controllers in a NEMA4 surface box reach out - optionally even network powered (PoE). Public announcements over your existing Ethernet? eSPEAK® does it in MP3 quality without a central amplifier.

Little PLC helpers

A small PLC might be perfect for your application - except for that special missing input. Before investing in an oversize PLC consider our special add-ons for your task. MOTPROTECT guards your motor and PT100MUX8 makes every analog input an RTD temperature input. Or let us forge your special integration requirement into a tiny piece of hardware.

Made to order

Based on 30+ years experience in industrial electronics we are able to deliver a special product for your special task in time and at the right price. This could be anything from a custom fit base board for our processor modules - starting in quantities as low as 20 - to an entirely custome made device with analog technology, FPGA and DSP.