TSM-2SER extends the communication capabilities of TSM to all standard electrical levels. Beside simply expanding the number of channels, TSM-2SER opens the possibility to transfer the burden of message buffering from the master TSM-CPU. The TLCS900 subprocessor accepts fixed length messages or assembles messages checking start and end characters. TSM-2SER can be adapted to most electrical levels by the use of DIL28 modules (special modules on request). See TSM-2RS232 for a fixed RS232-level version.

  • Serial Communication Coprocessor
  • 2 serial ports with level options
  • Seats two modules for:
    • RS232
    • RS422/485 isolated
    • 20mA current loop (TTY)
    • fiber optic
  • Separate DC/DC-converters to isolate each module
  • TLCS900 microcontroller
  • 32K CMOS-RAM
  • Socket for 128K/512K (Flash) Eprom
  • Large (512byte) FIFOs for both directions
  • Standard software with message oriented blocking
  • Software supports baudrates 1200 to 76800 bit/s. Hardware goes up to 460.8 kBit/s
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"TSM Module 2SER"

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module as described, standardsoftware included

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TSM-2SER comes with firmware in OTP or EPROM to handle all standard asynchronous operations. The API functions allow customization to most asynchronous protocols.

For very special applications, the processor can be user programmed, accessing a linear 128K/512K (F)EPROM program area. The large 32K RAM provides ample buffer space. An mCAT real time kernel can be provided for this subprocessor, too, to support C programming. Possible applications are the transparent access of measuring equipment, code readers etc.

Technical data:

  • Module ID: 1AH
  • Size: 110x126mm, 26p TSM-bus
  • Current consumption (module dependent): about 250mA at 6,3V
  • Connectors needed: 2x D9F