USB-BIT is a small and flexible USB-Bitbus-coupler. The device is based on a 32-Bit ARM processor with integrated SDLC. Because of this low-current design the USB port (400mA) is sufficient and there is no need for an extern power supply.

  • Small and fexible
  • No separate power supply needed
  • ARM®-based design with 32-Bit RISC processor and integrated SDLC
  • Full mCAT real-time functionality for user written tasks.
  • Full BITBUS message length
  • Supports BITBUS standard data rates 62,5 and 375kBit/s plus 750kBit/s and 1.5 MBit/s
  • Switchable termination resistors
  • Isolated RS485 driver, up to 50 nodes without repeaters
  • Includes WDM-Driver for all current Windows® versions
  • mCAT GBS/RAC extensions
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"USB-Bitbus-coupler based on a 32-Bit ARM processor with integrated SDLC"

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Module as described , incl. WDM-driver

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The USB-BIT supports the full BITBUS message length of 255 bytes.
In addition to all BITBUS standard speeds, the baud rates 750 kBit/s and 1.5 Mbit/s are also supported.

Bus termination resistors can be activated by DIP switches when the USB BIT is inserted at one end of the bus. The isolated RS485 drivers ensure that up to 50 nodes can be connected without repeaters.

The WDM driver (see IPC-BIT900 software) for all current Windows® versions (from Windows 2000, not 64-bit) is already included in the scope of delivery. The realtime functionality of mCat and the mCAT GBS/RAC extensions are fully supported