The TSM module 4INC allows to connect four incremental encoders. These can be supplied with 24V or 5V from the TSM-4INC. The 24 Bit counter is loadable and supports 1x, 2x and 4x in quadrature mode. The direction can be inverted.

  • Connection of 4 incremental encoders
  • 5V, 24V or relative level signal
  • Loadable 24 Bit counter
  • 1x, 2x and 4x edge modes
  • 3 MHZ in 4x mode
  • 24V input for reference position initiator
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"TSM Module for four incremental encoders"

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Module as described

"Mating screw terminal plug set"

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Mating screw terminal plug set

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The module allows to chose (by dip switch) between 5V or 24V input signals for each input, channels can also read differential levels. A zero index can be detected with the help of an integrated 24V input for a reference position initiator for each axis.

All functions can be used from mCAT, therefore programming becomes quite simple. For example:

switches to two-edge counting mode.

Technical data:

  • Module ID: 21h
  • Size: 127x112mm, 26p TSM-Bus
  • Current consumption: 190 mA at 6,3V from CPU
  • Connectors needed: 4x MVSTBR2,5-3/ST-5,08 4x MVSTBR2,5-2/ST-5,08

Installation manual TSM-4INC