ethernode® Relay: ETH-A7-4I4R

ethernode® Relais: ETH-A7-4I4R

Relay ethernode® offers 4 digital inputs and 4 isolated contacts at the Ethernet as well as two serial interfaces an one optional LCD.
To achieve really isolated outputs relays are still essential.

  • Two serial interfaces: 1xRS232, 1xRS232 with HS or RS485
  • Digital Inputs:
    • 4 opto-decoupled inputs 24V
  • Isolated digital outputs:
    • 2 relay changer 6A@24V
    • 2 relay closer 3A@24V
  • nodeAccess for direct I/O-access from Windows® PCs
  • Virtual COM interface in Windows® computers
  • mCAT Express-I/O is able to provide the inputs as a counter
  • mCAT-Server-Pages (mSP) opens I/O functions for the webbrowser
  • All terminals over cage clamps
  • Separate +24V/ground terminals for external units
  • Optionally remote control with PoE - therewith isolated interfaces
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"Ethernet-connection / Smart control unit with 4 relays und 4 inputs 24V"

299.- € *


plain ethernode A7. I/O: 4 inputs 24V, 2 relay changer, 2 relay closer. 1x RS232, 1x RS232/485

"Ethernet-connection / Smart control unit with 4 relays und 4 inputs 24V, LCD-Display"

369.- € *


ethernode A7L with graphic LCD and membrane keyboard. I/O: 4 inputs 24V, 2 relay changer, 2 relay closer. 1x RS232, 1x RS232/485

"Pover-over-Ethernet PoE remote control option for ethernode"

39.- € *

PoE option

PoE remote control option (Power-over-Ethernet) for ethernode. Produces isolated voltages 5V and 24V of the 48 voltage provided from the PoE switch. Order codes with PoE: ETH-...<POE.

* all prices ex works (+VAT/MwSt inside Germany)

ETH-A7-4I4R has got 4 digital 24V inputs on an optocoupler which interconnect when you a tension over about 18V. So you can use simple clamps which you admit 24V. These 24V are available at the cage clamp beside every input and they are feeded either by the external 24V power supply or - at the PoE option - by the Ethernet cable from the PoE switch.

To achieve really isolated outputs relays are still essential. 4I4R has got 4 relays and - for lack of space - only two of them are executed as changer. Since ethernode assumes that all clamps and users can be connected without intermediate terminal blocks, the needed clamps limit the space in the box. The two changers switch 6A at 24V d.c. voltage and they can work with voltages up to 60V. The sourcing capability declines explicitly down to 0,3A at 60V. At alternating voltage there is no loss of efficiency of the 6A up to the - for reason of isolation - maximum permissible tension of 48V. The two relays with closer are able to switch 3A at 24V d.c. voltage or up to 48V alternating voltage and they have at d.c. voltage a decline down to 0,25A at 60V.

Serial interfaces

Local peripherals can be connected via 2 serial ports. A fixed RS232 without handshaking signals, the second RS232 with handshake or RS485 full or half duplex.

If you wish an autarc function of ETH-A7-4I4R, you have to programm your application task in C and to load it with the aid of the mCat monitor SYSMON at first into the RAM and later on into the flash on the ethernode-A7-CPU. Process in- and outputs of mCat are available with convenient I/O functions with in(...) and out(...) macros, the so-called Express-I/O. If you want to communicate with other tasks, send and receive messages e.g. of SerDrv for serial periphery. The Ethernet communication usually runs over the Socket-Interface.

You can access all in- and outputs that are supported by Express- I/O directly from a Windows® PC over our nodeAccess™-DLL. Therefor no programming on ethernode is required, but though you do not achieve an autonomous functionality in case of a breakdown of the Ethernet.

The access to ETH-A7-4I4R over its Web-Interface is very universal. You can design one or more pages with your favourite HTML editor and interlace mSP instructions into these pages. mSP are "mCAT-Server-Pages" instructions that are replaced at the access time by a browser of the mCat webserver by for example the current state value of a digital input. For the relays you have to define buttons or check boxes wherewith the over mSP linked output is switched.

ETH-A7L is the LCD-version of EHT-A7 - with graphical display and function keys.

Installation manual for ethernode® Relay