"C" on µTasker and mCAT

Even though ELZET80 controllers look very similar to PLCs they are not being programmed in IEC1131 - why that?

It may be quite easy to control 12 outputs depending on the input condition of 24 inputs with a PLC but it is almost impossible to guarantee an exact time behavior. With multitasking programs in C you leave all time management to the realtime core, which allows to split projects into sub-programs, e.g. for communication, control, schedule, etc. and uses waiting times of each sub-program to process the other ones.

  • Besides in C it is pretty easy:
    • to manage data structures
    • to store a standard deviation for quality management
    • to reconfigure scales via RS232
    • to linearize sensors in order to extend a temperature correction
    • to print a lable or to send an average measurement data set to a host PC as XML message

µTasker Ethernet Real Time Kernel

No royalties kernel for your commercial embedded projects. With Ethernet and USB, µFAT files, UART, I²C and small graphical LCD support. Full featured simulator for easy debugging. Runs on the kBed embedded module, on ethernode-K60 and more to come.

Network Device Discovery



mCat has been developed as a modern real time kernel for the BITBUS fieldbus and Ethernet. Tasks can be downloaded and are supported with the Express-I/O process-i/o layer, serial line drivers and messaging.


Programming of ARM-CPU


Programming of TLCS-900 CPUs.