Legacy products

Here you can find our discontinued products. For most we got modern alternatives but we still offer share parts for our legacy products. Please be aware that for some of our legacy products minimum lot sizes might be necessary.


TSM is the flagship of our standard moduls for mounting on the top hat rail: Optimized for availability due to a wide temperature range, vibration resistance and optimal EMC behaviour. Everything matched with the advantages of C programming (on the real-time operating system mCAT).

Home automation

On the second workshop of the HOMEPLANE-Project (5. Mai 2009 in Leipzig) we presented on behalf of the EMIC, the European Microsoft Innovation Center, a prototype of a linking between home automation and house networking.




Our LCD-Terminals are ready to use for production data capturing (time recording, access control, goods flow control), machine data acquisition, CNC coupling or as operation terminal.


1978 ELZET80 has started with ECB - a plug in card system based on the 100x160mm Europecard. ECB is build around the Z80 processor, although by now CPU-cards of nearly all processor types are available.

I²C Compact Control

ELZET80's compact controller are suitable particularly for applications where a TSM-CPU is too big and an self-development would be too expensive. They are programmable with reall time processing system mCAT.
All this products are expandable over the I2C-Bus, and have digital and analog input/outputs.


Load cells offer minimal signal levels that cannot simply be transported over long distances. Our Delta Sigma design offers high resolution and inherent filtering with immediate digitization. In addition, the built-in microcontroller with its real-time core allows digital post-processing directly at the measurement location.

Embedded control

ELZET80's concept for application specific computers, for example to be used in measuring or analyzer equipment, compact machines or distributed control nodes, is based upon high density standardized processor modules and custom base boards that contain elements like power supply, connectors, I/O drivers, relays, optocouplers etc.


To expand the functionality of our modules, this article group contains interface modules for serial interfaces, transmitters, transducer, I / O extensions for the terminals and cables.