If your Ethernet has to reach outside your office environment - e.g. to an outbuilding with the emergency backup generator or into the cellar with the suction pump - to read switches and sensors or to operate valves or relays a standard PC is inappropriate.
This is where ethernode® comes in: An IP65 surface box with LSA terminals for Ethernet installation cable, spring cage clamps for i/o and remote supply through the Ethernet cable (PoE).
Despite its small size ethernode® contains a real time kernel, a web server with access to local tasks and i/o, e-mail capability, and TCP/IP sockets. The base of ethernode is an ARM-CPU with 2MByte flash and 256K R/1M with buffer-C. Other components are e.g. a real-time clock, a buzzer for audible alerts, a webserver and RS232- and RS485- interfaces. Optional ethernode can delivers with a LCD with 8 function keys and mini control panel.

ethernode® basics

ethernode® basics

ethernode® serial

ethernode® with 2 serial interfaces in IP65- or rail mount box.

ethernode® relay

4 digital inputs and 4 potential­free contacts plus two serial interfaces. Also available in special design, e.g. as rail mount version.

ethernode® analog

ethernode® with 3 analog inputs for Pt100, thermo­couple or 4..20mA current, additive 4 digital inputs and 4 P-switching 24V-outputs.

ethernode® mains

ethernode® with 2 digital inputs for 230VAC and 2 230VAC-relays for max. 5A - additive one accurate input for one Pt100-temperature-sensor.