TSM-8AD12 is a general purpose analog input module that multiplexes eight input channels to a fast (6µs) ADC. The software programmable input gives optimum resolution for standard signal levels. Low offset input op-amps maintain accuracy even with the high impedance signals often found in the field.

  • 8 fast analog inputs with 12 bit resolution
  • Input voltage range software selectable per channel
  • Input voltages 5, ±5, 10, ±10V
  • High input impedance
  • Optional process current input 0/4..20mA
  • Fast conversion time 6µs
  • Connector compatibility to ADC inputs on TSM-CPU900
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"TSM Module with 8 digital inputs"

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Module as described

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8 Inputs with shunts 250Ohm /0,025%

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Mating screw terminal plug set

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Most analog signals in the industry have output voltage ranges of 0..10V or ±10V or current ranges of 0..20mA or 4..20mA. For bare sensors, signal conditioning circuits are available that convert to these levels. 8AD12 accepts the specified voltage level (and 0..5V or ±5V) and can be modified to measure currents, too. For each input, a high accuracy, low drift shunt resistor of 250 Ohm can be placed across the input (available mounted for all inputs as option: TSM-8AD12
The analog inputs are not isolated from the TSM voltage, thus, all inputs must be on the same ground level. If this cannot be achieved, external isolators (often combined with signal conditioning circuits) have to be used. If 4/20mA two wire sensors are used, supply them with 24V from the TSM power supply and connect the other wire to the signal input. Connect ground to power supply ground.

The module has two rows of 10 pin screw terminal connectors for 4 channels each, with ground and signal inputs for each channel and 6.3V to supply signal conditioning circuits.

Reading of an analog input requires selection of the input channel. After this, the result is available within 6µs, a status bit can be polled to test for ready. System software function calls are available to handle this.

Technical data:

  • Module ID: 1BH
  • Size: 74x126mm, 26p TSM-bus
  • Current consumption: 180mA at 6,3V
  • Connectors needed: 2x MVSTBR2,5-10/ST-5,08

Installation manual TSM-8AD12