TSM-32A24 is a general purpose digital output module for high ouput-count applications. It drives 32 valves or relays from an industry standard 24V DC supply. Rated switching current is 500mA over the full temperature range for each output, however, total current must be limited by an external fuse to 5A.

  • 32 digital outputs 24V=, 500mA
  • Isolated high side PNP-transistor outputs (source drivers, grounded load), 5mm isolation barrier
  • Two terminals for each output: switched high side output and common ground
  • All outputs off at RESET and with missing TSM-Bus supply or missing external 24V supply
  • Watchdog circuit to reset outputs if not retriggered within 50..100ms. Orange LED, bit 7 of module ID and SRQ-Interrupt signal this fault condition
  • Yellow LEDs for each output
  • Monitoring of external 24V: LED and software (Bit 6 of ID-address)
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To a TSM-CPU, the 32A24 looks like four 8A24N modules. The outputs are on sequential addresses and thus can be written or read back with one 32-bit transfer.

Terminal arrangement is the same as on 8A24N and also watchdog and 24V supervision are available. Yellow LEDs indicate the output state, a green LED signals availability of 24V and an orange LED lights in watchdog situations.

The total number of 32A24 modules in a TSM-bus is limited by the maximum current of the DC/DC-converter on the CPU. Six modules is the recommended limit.

Technical data:

  • Module ID: 11H Size: 180x111mm, 20p TSM-bus
  • Current consumption with all outputs active: 500mA at 6,3V
  • Connectors needed: 2x MVSTBR2,5-9/ST-5,08 6x MVSTBR2,5-8/ST-5,08