Line driver modules

Line driver modules

DIL28 modules RS422/485, TTY e.a.

RS232 is a very widely used serial line standard. It is limited, however, to a few meters of cable length and low transmission speed. Using level shifter modules instead of fixed RS232 drivers leaves the option to adapt flexibly to the environmental requirements.

  • Level shifter modules for serial lines
  • Many compatible modules available:
    • RS232
    • RS422/485 isolated
    • 20mA TTY isolated
    • BITBUS RS485 isolated
    • Fiber optic
  • DIL28 IC-like module
  • ID code to identify module type by software
  • Prices
  • Details

25.05 € *


Simple RS232 driver module with two handshake pairs. (15mA @ 5V)

69.- € *


Isolated RS232 driver module with two handshake pairs. (15mA @ 5V)

56.24 € *


solated current loop driver/receiver with multiple jumper options for active/passive modes. Uses HCPL4100/4200 high speed couplers. (15mA@5V)

38.35 € *


RS422 point-to-point or RS485 network driver for 32 receivers. Optically isolated. Very fast, up to 10MBit/s transmittion speed. Can be used for full- or half-duplex transmittion. RTS signal enables transmitter. (15mA@5V, 60mA@5V iso)

48.57 € *


Halfduplex RS485 driver with additional repeater control line. Isolated; electrically similar to RS422MOD. Incorporates RTS delay circuit to compensate Z8530 bug. (15mA@5V, 60mA@5V iso)

227.52 € *


Fiber optic lines can be used under severe noise conditions and to isolate ELZET 80 computers working in high voltage environments. Connectors are mounted on top of the module.

If you require other fiber optic connector types, please consult ELZET80 for availability.

* all prices in EUR ex works (+VAT/MwSt inside Germany)

ELZET 80's serial line modules use a DIL28 pinout to fit into a standard IC socket. They have 9 output pins to connect to a 9pin-connector. On three pins a code can be retrieved to identify the module type. Modules with signal isolation require an isolated voltage of 5V provided on most of the boards with module socleete.