BITBUS is an international fieldbus which is, due to its synchronous transmission (SDLC) on RS485 and NRZI encoding, a lot more rugged then asynchronous or bit-arbitrating fieldbusses.

While BITBUS has lost the marketing momentum of Intel as a big player, many companies all over the world continue to use BITBUS due to its reliability and ease of wiring. ELZET80 has ported the BITBUS protocol to several modern processors (like ARM) for state-of-the-art client and server boards including PCIe and Ethernet.

BITBUS basics

Background information on BITBUS. What is BITBUS? Why BITBUS? Descriptions of the BITBUS specification, the protocol, installation and BAPI.

BITBUS boards

The IPC-BIT900 is a line of BITBUS server or client add-on boards for PCs. They are available as PCI-express and PC/104. Also with an adapter PCIe to PCI. Custom boards can and have been done. All share the BAPI software interface.


BITBUS/Ethernet - Gateway with TCP/IP-BAPI server as a wall or rail mount version.


Small and flexible USB-BITBUS coupler based on a 32bit ARM® processor with integrated SDLC. No external power supply needed.

BITBUS software and licensing

Look here for Windows and Linux drivers, OPC-Server/Client and BAPImon administration tools.


Bidirectional amplifier for the BITBUS RS485 amplifier allowing for example an increase in the maximum length of the BITBUS cable.


The BITBUS tracer helps troubleshooting a BITBUS networ. It listens to all messages that are exchanged on the network. For rent and sale.


The other things you might need to start a BITBUS network.