TSM-16E24N is a general purpose digital input module for applications that require many inputs. Three terminals are available for each of the 16 inputs to immediately connect electronic initiators (PNP-type), simple switches or active units.

  • 16 digital inputs 24V=
  • Optocouplers for all inputs with 500Hz low pass filter and 12V switching threshold
  • 3 terminals for each input: +24V, signal and ground
  • Red LEDs for each input
  • Monitoring of external 24V by LED and software (Bit 6 of ID- address)
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Mating screw terminal plug set

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Operation of this module is very much like that of two 8E24N modules but in one unit. As with TSM-8E24N, 24V= are applied to the module and then distributed to the 24V-terminals of each input.

All inputs are isolated from the TSM-Bus and processor supply, they are not, however, isolated against each other.

To facilitate software compatibility, the module can mimic the first 16 inputs of a TSM-32E24N for machines where only a part of the inputs is used (jumper option). As the inputs addresses are consecutive, they can be read with a 16-bit instruction.

Technical data:

  • Module ID: 1FH (10H as 32E24N)
  • Size: 110x126mm, 26p TSM-Bus
  • Current consumption with all inputs active: 75mA at 6,3V
  • Connectors needed: 2x MVSTBR2,5-9/ST-5,08, 1x MSTB2.5/9-ST-5,08 2x MVSTBR2,5-8/ST-5,08, 1x MSTB2.5/8

Installation manual TSM-16E24