Semi Custom

The above picture is a typical example of a more complex custom base board with our older NET/900H module. ELZET 80 uses this kind of fast track to small run custom control units since more than 20 years. Nowadays modules with Ethernet are a popular choice.  


  Take one of our high density stock processor modules.

  Have a low complexity (2 layer) board made to add:

  • suitable connectors, screw or clamp terminals
  • relays, power drivers, optoisolators
  • high resolution A/D or D/A, voltage references
  • keys, LEDs and displays to mount behind the panel
  • a power supply also for your peripherals

 all in a form factor that  best fits your mechanical design.

  • Details

Currently, Ethernet is the most interesting feature for new designs, not only because of the convenient configuration options using the device's web site but also because of easy remote service and upgrade options. Our kBed module around the K60 Cortex M4 processor lends itself to such applications, featuring small size and many integrated peripherals such as timers, PWM, analog inputs and outputs and all kinds of serial communication controllers. There's another K60 based hardware (ethernode®) that fits into the lid of a small surface box and allows custom i/o boards in the bottom of the surface box.

Generic base boards are available to get you started quickly, where peripherals are taken out to header connectors to allow software development while waiting for the pcb layout. We also do custom hand wired samples charged at the hour to fit your special connectors or drivers.

The newer K60 based boards are supported by the uTasker real-time kernel, featuring web server, remote update, local storage in (µ-) SD-Card and communication drivers for USB, RS232 and CAN.