Load cells offer delicate signal levels that are not easily sent over long lines. Our Delta-Sigma design provides high resolution and intrinsic filtering with immediate digitalisation. In addition its full real-time-kernel based microcontroller core allows digital post processing right at the point of measurement. We provide this technology as part of a special design for you or as a standard product with RS485 output.

  • 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, ...800 measurements per second
  • Noise free resolution up to 17 bits at 12.5 measurements/s, up to 13 bits at 800/s
  • Higher resolution using a digital moving average
  • Linearity typ. 0.0007% full scale (14 bits @ 2mv/v load cell)
  • Wide input overload range to ±40mV
  • Up to four separate Δ-Σ-ADCs for accurate silo measurements
  • Windows® software for calibration and value display
  • Serial protocol compatible to LEON signal conditioners


LOADCELL assembly with one or four Δ-Σ-ADC, microcontroller post-processing and communications.

PC Test Adapter

RS485 conversion and filtered supply for LOADCELL- using an external power supply of about 10..12V


Software for Loadcell.