Meanwhile Ethernet is cheap enough to make a universal communication medium for the i/o layer as well. Paving your way to the "Internet of Things", we are offering our ethernode® junction boxes as tiny controllers or remote i/o. For your custom controller needs, seat one of our Ethernet-enabled microcontroller modules on a custom base board. A custom base board in your special dimensions and with exactly the connectors and i/o you need, usually is of low density and fairly cheap even in small quantities. And it gets your application know-how to the internet within a few weeks!


ethernode® : Ethernet for the cellar

IP65-Aufputz: Bauformen mit und ohne Bedienerfeld

The tiny controller or ethernet-i/o for use in non-office-environments like cellar, garage or outdoor facilities. Optionally with custom i/o.
Rating: Electrician-friendly


Programming in C with multitask support: mCAT and μTasker

Remote programming in Windows®: nodeAccess

Network IP Finder

mbed industrial - 24V I/O on the top hat rail

mbed 24V industrial im DIN 43880 Hutschienengehäuse

bring mbed or kBed processor modules into an industrial environment?
Opto-decoupled 24V inputs, 24V / 1A (PWM) outputs, relays, RS485 driver for expansion -
and DIN 43880 DIN rail mounting