Custom solutions

ELZET80 has 30 years of experience in manufacturing customer specific specialized hardware. We offer short development periods and an intense technical and marketing dialogue to help you provide a state of the art product with competitive pricing. We strive to leave application know how in your hands, usually by coding low level drivers that can conveniently be called by high level application software from your side. Often, this application software will reside on a PC that is coupled to the embedded unit by Ethernet, USB or RS485 communication lines.

We are able to offer anything from little changes to our catalogue products or semi custom solutions up to highly complex new developments with analog, high power and FPGA components.

Semi Custom

Using our processor modules like kBed usually is the fastest path to a custom product. While the "high tech" parts are on the module, a base board can quickly be produced due to more relaxed design rules for signal conditioning, relays, connectors, etc.

Full Custom

Special development for complex applications.