ethernode® extended: ETH-4I4RHV

ethernode® extended: ETH-4I4RHV

ETH-4I4RHV is the fast I/O extension for all ethernodes except 2I2RHV. 4I4RHV allows the direct switching and interrogation of units with mains voltage. Because of its high load capacity of 16A there's no need for additional fuses in a normal home or office environment.

  • IP65 extension box for all ethernode models (except 2I2RHV)
  • Digital in- and outputs:
    • 4 filtered inputs for mains AC voltage 230V
    • 2 relays 230V/16A changer
    • 2 relays 230V/16A closer
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"Extension for ethernode with 4 relays and 4 inputs"

149.- € *


ethernode®XT: Extension box for all ethernodes except the ETH-A7x-2I2RHV. 9x18cm flange-attached box with 4 mains relays (230V/16A) and 4 mains inputs.

* all prices in EUR ex works (+VAT/MwSt inside Germany)

4I4RHV gets attached to your ethernode by a provided flange at the left big M20 cable gland thread. The I/O connection to the CPU and the supply voltage for the relays gets fed through the flange, the cable is provided.

After installation, the four each inputs and outputs appear as attached through I2C (constant BUS_TYPE_I2C) after a reset. For example, the first relay can be set from the SYSMON monitor by entering "xout I2C.2.0 1" or through the web server using the mSP notation @@xio.out(%xio.I2C,'2','0','1') in a web page loaded to your ethernode.