ethernode® A7-SER

ethernode® A7-SER

ethernode® in the surface box gets along well without electro infrastructure, in the PoE-option even without 24V. But if there is anyway a switchboard, a rail mount enclosure is easily installed. Please address us if you are interested in a special model with I/O.

  • ethernode® basis version
  • IP65 surface mount or DIN rail mount version
  • Serial interfaces: 1x RS232, 1x RS232 with RTS/CTS or RS485 full- oder halfduplex
  • Virtual COM interface in Windows® computers
  • SerDrv-driver for access from a local mCAT-task
  • TCP/IP communication over socket interfaces.
  • RS485 termination resistance connectable
  • Optionally remote control with PoE - therewith isolated interfaces
  • Real time clock, buzzer for accustic reports
  • Status-LEDs for Ethernet and Operation
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"Ethernet DIN rail mount version with 2 serial interfaces RS232 / RS485"

239.- € *


ethernode A7 DIN rail mount version for the switchboard. I/O: 1x RS232, 1x RS232/485

"Ethernet-connection with 2 serial interfaces RS232 / RS485"

279.- € *


Basis version: Only 2 serial interfaces; without 24V-I/O. Standard-ethernode A7. I/O: 1x RS232, 1x RS232/485

"Ethernet-connection with 2 serial interfaces RS232 / RS485, LCD-Display"

349.- € *


ethernode A7L with graphic-LCD and keypad. I/O: 1x RS232, 1x RS232/485

"Optional Power-over-Ethernet for ethernode"

39.- € *

PoE option

PoE remote control option (Power-over-Ethernet) for ethernode. Produces isolated voltages 5V and 24V of the 48 voltage provided from the PoE switch. Order codes with PoE: ETH-...<POE.

* all prices in EUR ex works (+VAT/MwSt inside Germany)

Ethernode A7-SER offers two serial interfaces at the Ethernet which are not just addressable conveniently from Windows over a virtual COM-Port, but which can work also as protocol converter, Gateway, datalogging et cetera with a little freelance C-programming.
We deliver ethernode A7-SER in a surface mount oder DIN rail mount version for the switchboard.

The ARM-CPU with 2MByte Flash and up to 1MByte RAM providing a basis for special solutions offers enough space for wide scales, algorithms and circular buffers. The mCAT real time kernel serves the serial interfaces with the comfortable SerDrv, which can be easily adapted to a number of protocols. A demonstration of the events as well as the configuration in the form of websites over the integrated webserver for the observer is possible. CGI and mSP are two possibilitier, to display the data which are to be entered. Incoming files can be sent simply bunched as an e-mail. For the exchange of serial measuring data e.g. at a data logger or Gateway the communication over sockets which is integrated in the mCAT message system is commendable. The protocols TCP/IP and UDP are supported.