BITRPT Verstärker

Repeaters are amplifiers used to increase the allowable number of nodes in a BITBUS network or the maximum length of the BITBUS cable.

 BITBUS bidirectional amplifier RS485 amplifier used:

  • to increase the cable length of a BITBUS net or
  • to attach one or more remote clients with a stub line or
  • to allow more than 28 nodes in one net
  • Built-in 24V power supply (12..30V) using a DC/DC converter.
  • Client segment isolated from the master side by high-speed optocouplers and DC/DC converter.
  • Built-in termination resistors for the starting side of the client segment.
  • LED indicators for operation (supply available, green) and transmittion from the client segment (RTS, yellow).
  • Three DB9 connectors, two for the master segment, one for the client.
  • 3pin header for screw terminal plug connects to 24V DC input and foreign ground
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BITRPT is a small unit in a rugged aluminium die cast box that can be wall mounted for easy cabling. It requires 24V DC input widely available in industrial installations or from plug-in-type AC/DC adapters.

To the master segment it loads like a standard node and can drive itselves a full 28 node slave segment of 300 or 1200m at 375kBit/s or 62.5kBit/s respectively. BITBUS specification allows two repeaters between the master and any slave at 375kBit or 10 repeaters at 62.5kBit/s (we didn't try that last one but we know of applications running with 10km total cable length).

Technical data:

Size 151x64x48mm
Current consumption 0,1A max at 24VDC
Connectors needed: 2x DB9F, 1x DB9M, 1x MVSTBR2,5-4/ST-5,08