The NET-A7 embedded module of the ethernode®boxes is also available as OEM module. A lead-through processorbus enables direct controlling of I/O or a processor-interlinking via FIFO etc.

Optionally with RJ45/Sub-D9 or for external connecting plugs.

  • 10/100MBit Ethernet, on RJ45
  • S3C4530 ARM7-processor 48MHz
  • 2MB Flash (1Mx16) with mCAT, TCP/IP and UDP, 3 web servers
  • 1M RAM (256Kx16), gold cap buffered
  • Real time clock, Beeper, I²C temperature sensor
  • 2 serial interfaces with 32 Byte Tx/Rx-FIFOs
  • 1x RS232/485 switchable (RS232 with RTS/CTS) on DB9
  • 1x RS232 with RTS/CTS for 10p flat cable with DB9 at the end
  • Access for 128x64 graphic LCD, backlight switchable
  • 2x4 (4x4) matrix keyboard access
  • 5V supply with 3,3V regulator "on board"
  • 24V power supply or PoE power supply attachable
  • Complete mCAT-real-time-kernel in flash-EPROM
  • I/O bus connection to 44-pin connector, optionally with flat cable at the top or board-to-board connector at the bottom
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"Processor-module NET-A7s with 512K RAM and 2MB Flash"

on request


NET-A7S with 512K RAM and 2MB flash

on request


PoE attachable power supply for isolated supply of NET-A7 and external 24V customers (200mA)

on request


Attachable DC/DC converter 24V on 5V for supply of NET-A7

If you want to connect a more complex product to ethernet simple RS232-to-ethernet converter are not enough. In this case ELZET80 offers a compact and very flexible solution in form of the NET A7 modules:

A 125x85 mm processormodule with a ARM7 32-Bit-CPU for sufficient processing power, buffered static RAM with 1MByte and 2Mbyte Flash. Also includes a big configuration-EEPROM, a realtime clock (e.g. running without Ethernet) and a matrix-keyboard-decoder. Two serial interfaces with RS232 drivers – one can be switched to RS485 – serve the local communication with measuring module, cardreader, printer, radio modul or whatever can be attached serial.

The 44 pole 2mm-expansionbus for your special periphery offers D0..D7, A0..A9, 2 Chip-Selects, 3 Interrupts, 4 direct Processor Inputs, TxD and RxD of serial Interace 0, RESET, I²C and 5V. It allows for as many digital Inputs as you want, analog-/digitalconverters, radio modules, FIFO storages to attach on an existing controller etc.

It is also possible to get a 44 pole plug instead of Ethernet socket and the 9 pole plug.

The software is very flexible beccause of our own realtime kernel with support of parallel tasks and userwritten interrupts driver. SerDrv offers telegram oriented treatment for serial interfaces, the BgMEM-Modul datalogger - functionality with FIFO or ringpuffer – access, the mSP Server-Pages is the connector between the webserver and your C-Task.

Don’t hesitate to ask us, we are glad to help with configuration and also for customer specific development.