Measurement and Condition monitoring

Networked factories not only allow for more product flexibility and quality control, they also invite to monitor the machines themselves for wear and susceptibility to failures.

ELZET80 supports these trends by offering intelligent sensors for networked environments, together with custom adaptations to exactly meet your needs. 



motor current monitor with ethernet and local logging

ETHERNET monitor for two motor currents with local logging and instant switch-off signal.


motor current sentinel with logging

Monitors motor current with local logging and instant switch-off signal.


Pt100 RTD multiplexer for 8 sensors (2/3/4-wire) on one standard PLC analog input. 4..20mA current loop output. Easy 2-wire remote supply (24V) from PLC.


50Hz/°C frequency output for one Pt100 RTD sensor. For your PLC's counter input